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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pesach with PT

I don't have anything really profound or interesting to say about Passover, so I'll just leave you with a few snapshots of Pesach with the PT clan:

While searching for Chametz on Thursday night, we decided to give the psychotoddler the task of carrying around the big wooden spoon, while her 8 year-old sister carried the feather. Then the rest of us spread out in SWAT-like fashion to search the house with candle or high-powered-flashlight-with-dying-battery. Upon discovering a piece of bagel shrewdley hidden on a stool by my son, the PT said, "Hey, that used to be my bagel!" Then we told her to use her spoon to scoop it up. "What??!!" Like carrying around a big wooden spoon and a feather is perfectly normal, but actually using it is absurd (well, she may have a point there).

My family is well trained when it comes to picking out wine for me: "CREAM MA-LA-GA." (Hey that would be a good blog name. Or rock band name). So my wife brought a crate-full this year. Still, our guests the first night didn't know any better, so they brought some fancy-shmancy white wine. I don't know, cabernet, or chardonnay, or some other frenchie word. And a cork-top, no less! The nerve! So we felt "obligated" to try it. The first blessing, I sat down, reclined, and promply poured half the cup into my lap. After my wife gave me a look that said Don't tell me you just spilled wine on your brand new suit, I quickly recovered with a "hey, at least it was a dry wine."
The Haggadah is great. All you do is follow it, and you can't go wrong. And every year I still notice things that I hadn't picked up on before, like the fact that Moshe is mentioned only once in the whole service. Also I noticed that the parts of the Haggadah which are taken from the morning prayer service seem to be in Nussach Ashkenaz, and as far as I can tell, there's only one liturgy for the Haggadah, unlike the Siddur. So how do those who daven Sfard reconcile this? I kept trying to add back in the extra words.
After getting up to wash, I noticed that my oldest son had stolen the Afikoman. Or so he thought. Actually, he had stolen the middle matzoh. The Afikomen was still there. So I took it and hid it myself. And after Pesach I'm buying myself some Lego.

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PsychoToddler said...

Also I noticed that the parts of the Haggadah which are taken from the morning prayer service seem to be in Nussach Ashkenaz, and as far as I can tell, there's only one liturgy for the Haggadah, unlike the Siddur

That's awsome and it never occured to me. haha! Nusach Ashkenaz wins again.
DovBear | 04.26.05 - 5:23 pm | #


He stole the wrong piece. That is kind of funny.
Jack | Homepage | 04.26.05 - 5:30 pm | #


What's funnier is that I actually hid the correct piece of matzah uncovered on a shelf right next to him. He didn't notice it until we were in the middle of negotiations and I calmly walked over to him and picked it up.
psychotoddler | Homepage | 04.26.05 - 5:44 pm | #


excellent afikoman story. SO what lego did you buy? maybe you and my boys can compare notes.....
Kiki | Homepage | 04.26.05 - 6:02 pm | #


...and it never occured to me

It never occured to you beacause it isn't true. There are plenty Haggados using Nusach Sfard bits. I'm sure, if you look around, you'll find them, but if it's too tough, you can look at Meam Loez.
JoeCool | 04.26.05 - 9:11 pm | #


Which Legos have you decided on for yourself? Bionicles, Star Wars...?

Some twenty years ago, when one of my brothers married, we finally started to partake in seders in someone else's home; up till then, we'd always had our own at our home. So at another seder (my brother's in-laws' home) we got to see other people's minhagim. And we soon learned how different we'd been in OUR minhagim.

Re. the afikoman -- growing up, we kids used to hide the afikoman, and my father used to have to go find it. Nine times out of ten, we hid it in the piano bench. And in those days, after Yom Tov was over, we'd each get a real silver dollar or a silver fifty-cent piece, for having *HID* the afikoman.
Pearl | Homepage | 04.27.05 - 12:42 am | #


JoeCOOL: I have the Meam Loez Haggadah. Although they move a few things around, it is most definitely not nusach sfard. No extra words in the Yishtabach, and the verses of Befi Yisharim follow the Ashkenaz version. A search on the Artscroll, which contains nussach sfard versions of just about anything, failed to reveal any nusach sfard (or nusach ashkenaz) haggadahs.
psychotoddler | Homepage | 04.27.05 - 10:12 am | #


Pearl: In my parent's house, we hid the afikoman, and whoever found it got a present. But since my parents didn't want any of us to feel bad, we all got presents either way. So we gave them our orders in advance. I remember one year requesting a model Eagle from Space 1999.

My wife's custom was different. Apparently you had to negotiate with whoever found the afikoman for its safe return.

Legos have quite a racket going, don't they? Their claim to fame is the interchangeable generic block system that lets you build anything, but then they market all these cool models that can't be built with the basic set because you need that one custom wing, or sword, or head piece that only comes with the $20 kit.
psychotoddler | Homepage | 04.27.05 - 10:15 am | #


I'm looking at p. 164 of Meam Loez in English. It says:

בפי ישרים תתרומם
ובשפתי צדיקים תתברך
ובלשון חסידים תתקדש
ובקרב קדושים תהלל

Is that the same text as your Nusach Ashkenaz sidur?

I am looking at at the haggadah that is part of the set. Are you looking at the one that simply took Meam Loez commentary and interspersed it through standard Ashekenazic version? Meam Loez actually uses Nusach Edos Hamizrach. If you look at haggados actually used by chabad and other chasidic groups, you'll find text that matches Nusach Sfard.
JoeCool | 04.27.05 - 11:21 am | #


I just posted on the topic of haggadot. The Scholars haggadah by Guggenheim(doesn't everybody have one?- actually mine was a present from my father) has all three nusachot lined up on each page, and there are definite differences, which you would expect.
dilbert | 04.27.05 - 12:14 pm | #


I must have the one with the commentary on nusach ashkenaz. My Befi Yesharim is different. That's interesting.
psychotoddler | Homepage | 04.27.05 - 12:40 pm | #


Hey PT, completely off the subject, I thought these were funny and for some reason I thought of you reading them. http://www.cartoonbank.com/searc...0&title=Doctors
Wickwire | Homepage | 04.27.05 - 7:34 pm | #


I know we got off to a rocky start but I find myself reading your blog a great deal, so I decided have blogrolled you.

My 3-yr. old found the afikomen and has talked of nothing else since Sat. night.

Happy Pesach.
Stacey | Homepage | 04.28.05 - 12:16 am | #


Wickwire: Ever see the Seinfeld episode about New Yorker cartoons? I don't get most of them either

Stacey: No hard feelings. It's not like I was going to try to attack Monkey- I mean Cleveland. Hope to be there in the next few months for some delicious but late sushi.
psychotoddler | Homepage | 04.28.05 - 9:58 am | #


RE: Meam Loez Haggadah:

I was reading through the introduction to the Aryeh Kaplan edition (something I usually only do when there's a Cantor droning on in the backround) and came across a paragraph where he mentions that the original Nussach Sfard has been changed to Ashkenaz because that's what the overwhelming majority of American Jews use.

Sure enough, if you look at the text for Befi Yisharim, although the words now follow the Ashkenaz tradition, the specific words that were changed appear in a slightly different font. I guess it was a real "cut and paste" job (this haggadah is about 22 years old).
psychotoddler | Homepage | 04.28.05 - 10:02 am | #


Just realized that I also have a Meam Loez Haggadah published by Moznaim about 25 years ago that included both ashkenazi and sfardi versions where the two diverged. The different parts are:

Ma Nishtana (order is different)
Birchas Hamazon
End of Hallel (from Kol Nishmas)
Brocha Acharona

The rest of the text is identical between 2 versions.
JoeCool | 04.28.05 - 1:11 pm | #


Thanks, Joe. Stuff to talk about at next year's seder.
psychotoddler | Homepage | 04.28.05 - 2:04 pm | #