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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Franz Ferdinand

This is my new favorite band. I got turned on to their music after listening to one of their songs playing in the background while I was racing in Burnout 3. I initially thought it was some long-lost David Bowie song. When I found out it was this Euro-pop band, I was intrigued. I got their CD. I just love their sound. Very simple arrangements; in fact, the bass player didn't learn to play until after he joined the band (his style is embarrassingly like mine). In addition to Bowie, they seem to channel the Doors, Adam Ant, The Cure and Depeche Mode, minus all the synths. For the most part it's simple guitar/bass punk/disco. The beats are infectious.

To be honest, this stuff sounds very Jewish to me. I know this goes against everything I have ever said or written about Jewish Music. I think this just proves to me the extent to which Euro-Disco has permeated the Jewish Music establishment. When I hear a descending minor disco bassline, I think Avraham Fried now instead of Blondie.

The lyrics have really been throwing me. There's one song that starts off like a typical disco/hora number, but the lyrics make no sense to me. I finally googled them. You have to read this to make sense out of it.

Who says Rock'n'roll is a waste of time?

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