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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blue Book

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I did a Kelly Blue Book lookup for my '94 Prizm. I need the number for a financial aid form.


I guess they don't figure in sentimental value.
I'm thinking about doing a series of posts on cars I have owned, and asking readers to comment on their own. Like my first Jalopy, my first new car, etc. Any thoughts?


I just unlocked the closest thing to my beloved Geo in Gran Turismo 4:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is an in-game "photo" of a Toyota Corolla Levin. I showed it to my son as I cruised down the streets of Tokyo. He was not impressed.

"I've never seen your car go 104 miles per hour."

That, son, is why G-d invented video games.


Digital Camera said...

I was wondering if anyone knew of a Kelly Blue Book for anything other than cars, say digital cameras in particular.

PsychoToddler said...

"Life is a highway, I'm gonna ride it all night long..."

Forgot who sang this -- some Canadian, I believe -- but yes, do tell us about your automobiles/family cars/memorable road trips taken in them.

BTW, I drive a 2000 Honda Civic, and we also have a 2004 Honda Odyssey, which my husband drives for the most part.

Growing up, we were a GM -- Pontiac family.

Sorry, did I steal your spotlight? Okay, I'll get back into my car now and drive away...
Pearl | Homepage | 04.07.05 - 4:05 pm | #


Started driving on dad's-turned-mine 87 Nissan 200SX, continued on 1993 Saturn SL2 (still runs with over 184K miles on original engine) which I still own and drive once a week. Now, I do most of my driving on mid-size rental cars - I work in Indianapolis and my work pays for my weekly car trips from and to Chicago. So far, the best car I driven was '05 Toyota Solara V6. (other cars rented were Buick Century, Subaru Outback, '04 Ford Mustang, and Kia Optima V6). This week I'm on bright red Mazda6.
Gregory Titievsky | 04.07.05 - 4:36 pm | #


Started with my Dad's pontiac 79'
Catalina V8. Big tank of a car. The
first car I bought was for $300..
an old police car White I'm not sure maybe an 85' crown vic. Power and a gas guzzler.
Jewish Blogmiester | Homepage | 04.07.05 - 4:41 pm | #


Actually a chart of various crap might be more useful for this post, to describe exactly what I drive. It's a 1990something green Saturn with a medium dent in the left front fender.

I'm happy, not proud.
Doctor Bean | Homepage | 04.07.05 - 5:41 pm | #


I still don't drive.


The first car we bought was a 12-year old Oldsmobile Cutlass, blue and huge and ugly. We bought it for $200 from our friends.

A year later we successfully totaled it.

The second car was "only" seven years old. It was a light silver Le Baron, which we crashed several times, unsuccessfully. Eventually it broke down so completely that we had to bury it.

The third car was a beautiful black 2001 Mitsubishi Gallant, which worked perfectly, and rode smoothly, and which we totaled in September 2004. It was then that we finally realized that it was probably NOT a good idea for us to own cars, especially since we don't really go anywhere.
Irina Tsukerman | Homepage | 04.07.05 - 6:54 pm | #


My first car was a 1986 Buick station wagon with a pop-up seat in the back.We called her Bessie. It was 8 years old when we bought it. It was stolen in 1993, but I got it back a week later, with all four car seats. It leaked so much oil durin 1996 and 1997 that my landlord named it in a damages suit. I sold it to my brother for $500.

In honor of the birth of our fifth kid, we bought a minivan, one of the few 1995 Grand Caravans made.George was with us from 97 until 03.

After our sixth kid showed up, we bought our current van, a Ford Econoline 15 seater named Jordan. This is the ulimate carpool vehicle. It eats a lot of gas (at nearly $1CAD a liter!) and I park at the far end of most parking lots, but when we take the show on the road, it's all worth it.
tuesdaywishes | 04.07.05 - 10:01 pm | #


Irina, that's very funny. You have quite a colorful family, but I guess most of us immigrants do.
Doctor Bean | Homepage | 04.08.05 - 1:36 am | #


: D
Irina | Homepage | 04.08.05 - 9:32 am | #


to Doctor Bean:

1) I love my Saturn (and proud that it still runs at 184K miles)

2) How can it have a dent - it's plastic!

3) I didn't know you're from an immigrant family like the best of us
Gregory Titievsky | 04.08.05 - 10:56 am | #


I started out in a 1978 camino...in 1997. I was hottt.
I drove that car into the ground and got a succession of Lincoln Town Cars, pimpmobiles each.

I wrecked a chevy lumina.

My second love after my Camino was my 78 benz 280e, which my dad basically forced my hand to get rid of.......and now I drive a dodge caravan.

I miss being young.
parcequilfaut | Homepage | 04.09.05 - 2:08 am | #


I really love the Geo, and not just because it's been so reliable.

It's not my first car, more like my 4th. But it was the first new car that I bought for myself. Sure, I bought a few minivans over the years, but those were really my wife's cars.

This car I bought in my last year of residency. I had just been hired for a real job, and took the signing bonus to the dealer and bought it outright. Actually, I had my friend pose as me, because I'm terrible at haggling.

Everything was looking up in 1994.
psychotoddler | Homepage | 04.09.05 - 11:16 pm | #