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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Why you don't want me to shnorr for you...

Having kids in 3 schools means our give or get just tripled. To make up for this, we're trying to sell raffle tickets for the Boy's High School.

My wife has been doing very well tonight, with a witty opening line ("I'm calling to provide for your raffle needs!") and quick 1-2 follow-up punches. She comes across the name of a physician on the list.

"You know this guy, don't you? Why don't you call him?"

Sure, I think.

"Hello...er...Bob? Yes it's Mark. I know I never call...How'd you like to buy some tickets to the HS raffle? No? Well...OK...then. Yeah, see you."

"Gimme back that phone!!!"

1 comment:

dilbert said...

incompetence has it's benefits. :-)