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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Speaking of Murray's Bagels...

...I got a "gift pack" in the mail from a hand specialist that I refer to. It's a couple of loafs of bread and a bottle of Roasted Garlic Oil. I'm pretty sure the bread is NOT kosher. The garlic oil has a hechsher: a "kof" surrounded by a Q.

The hand surgeon is a frum Chabadnick.

I'm sure that most of the doc's that he sends this out to are not Jewish, but it's still disconcerting to get a non-kosher "holiday" gift pack from a frum surgeon.

Anyone have any info on the kof-Q hechsher? And just what am I supposed to do with the oil anyway (clean comments only please).


Safranit said...

I've been told the Kof Q is just fine...I've eaten honey (and guven it as a gift) with that hechsher.

Cholent said...

Chof K is an East Coast hechsher. Just fine. WE use it and we're pretty strict.

Anne said...

I'd say since the garlic oil arrived with the bread, it's probably meant as a dip. If you're tossing the bread, you can still use the oil in vinaigrettes or for stir frying.

And yes, it would probably make a fine massage oil, but people would be keeping their distance from you for a while.