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Thursday, November 04, 2004

My Very First Shiney-Shoe Song!

For the inspiration for this song, look here.

I put this together tonight. Big YasherKoach to Mendy for coming over and helping me out. You can download the song here. (Right click and choose "Save Target As..")

Alternatively, you can listen to it directly on Psycho.Radio. Scroll down until you hear a song called "Mooshy - Assia". Mooshy is my "Shiney Shoe" name. From now on. Because I normally wouldn't be caught dead playing this kind of music. But when inspiration hits...

Dilbert, this one's for you.


dilbert said...

Thank you. For shiny shoe music, it was very good. The base was excellent(of course) and mendy rocked. who did the drums? and here is my review:

I was cooking for Shabbos and I heard the new song by Mooshy. Suddenly, I was dancing across the floor, I couldn't help myself. The words, the music, touched me directly, as if it had been written just for me. I did the Yeshivah shuffle for hours, playing it over and over again. There may not be cholent at our house, but my neshoma is so much the better for hearing assia 36 times. The guitar playing as if by one of the malechei hasharet, the drums and bass keep time as it has rarely been kept before. The innovative key changes will amaze even a veteran musician like blog in dm. This surely will be one of the top selling albums of the year, if not one of the all time greats. I feel priveleged to have been one of the first to hear this fresh new sound in Jewish music. Go out and buy a copy, no 3 copies today.

Cholent said...

It's you singing?

PsychoToddler said...

It's Mooshy.

MoChassid said...


Great stuff!

You have a future in Boro Park!

All you need is to add some brass and a few dozen violins and you'll be right there.

PsychoToddler said...

Alas, I am out of tracks.

Mindy said...

that is worse than shiny shoe. it's a mishmash of 10,000 songs ive already heard. lol. you have a great voice though.
so - is the secret out now? your moshe skier?
you know me then - from the JM board.

jah said...

First of all, everyone knows that this song was not written by Mooshy, but by Yossi Green, Moshe Laufer, Yitzy Bald, and Yeeeeeedle. Its on the Second Oold Lady with a plate in front of the Continental Fundraising Concert from Royal Albert Hall, featuring all the same singers as usual, conducted by Yisrael Lamb.

Second, MoChasid should be caareful what he says about the Brass. There are no bad brass sections, only Jewish Arrangers.

PsychoToddler said...

JAH (if that IS your real name):

I never said that Mooshy WROTE the song. Mooshy NEVER writes his own material. All of Mooshy's songs are written by Yossi Green, Moshe Laufer, Yitzy Bald, and Yeeeeeedle (yes, all of them at once).

Furthermore, Mooshy doesn't play on his own recordings either. He has lesser lackeys for that.

Mooshy is the "artist." He's the one that looks good in the dark suit and shiney-shoes. I'm not even sure if he deigns to sing on his albums. I think that's a keyboard patch as well.

As far as "brass" goes (whatever that is), I've already stated that we were out of tracks, and it was either "brass" or "bass", and "bass" is OBVIOUSLY shorter!

Man! Why don't you learn something about music before you go spouting off about something you obviously have no familiarity with!!!

jah said...

Ah yes, but does the keyboard patch use auto-tune?

PsychoToddler said...

Obviously NOT.