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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Flute Lesson

My 10 year-old son had his first flute lesson. His teacher is a man I've known for 12 years and play with often. Since it takes about 20 minutes to drive out to his house, I just stayed for the lesson.

You may think that playing piano or guitar is hard, but he spent 30 minutes with my son just trying to get him to make any sound at all! We're not talking notes or scales or rhythm here. Just a sound! Towards the end, he started to get a little whistle out of it. His teacher was patient, funny, and inspiring--reminding me of why I don't give music lessons.

In the end I offered him a million bucks--because if you paid me a million bucks I still couldn't do it. He settled for a 20.

1 comment:

Cholent said...

yeah, my mother plays flute and I definitely know how hard it is to get even one sound out of that instrument. But once you learn how to play properly, it's an instrument with a beautiful sound.