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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Falafel Fest

The band played last night for the TAM Falafel Fest. We did better than last time. I can tell because nobody covered their ears. I even saw one of the older Rabbis tapping his fingers on the table.

Actually it was a pretty nice crowd. We played for some people who usually don't get to hear us, and they got to hear a bunch of songs that we don't usually play.

Some standouts:

"Red House"- I'm not usually much of Hendrix fan, but we heard Piamenta do this in May and thought it would be fun to cover.

"Assia"- believe it or not we actually got a few requests for this Mooshy tune. It sounds about as good live as it does on the computer.

I also taught the band a Sparklifters song that we may add to the repetoir.

Next big gig is Chicago for the Melaveh Malka on December 11. I actually got a call from Chabad of Northbrook to play a gig that same night, but I already said yes to the Young Israel group, and that's a nice crowd.

Besides, I doubt the Chabad guys could top the payment of cold Pizza we're expecting from YI. But the Chabad will likely have more booze. Hmmm...

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