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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Chupa part 2

I played a Chupa (wedding ceremony) last month. You may recall my earlier post where I said I enjoy them because they are easy and stress-free...

Anyway...this one was kind of fun. It was for another doctor's daughter (I seem to get hired exclusively by physicians). Aside from the fact that everyone kept confusing me with the Rabbi (Jews with beards must all look alike) it went pretty smoothly. Except for when they changed the marching order without telling me. So we start playing this upbeat, children's flower girl song and nobody's coming down the aisle. After a while, a fully grown woman starts slowly marching down. Oops.

Right before the ceremony, an older gentleman came up to the flute player (whom everyone in town knows) and started shmoozing with him. They were all smiles and the old man walked out. Then the flute player dropped the smile and turned to me and said, "G-d, I hope they don't let him sing."

Of course, the old guy did the entire seven blessings under the Chuppah. The voice was somewhat reminiscent of Fred Flintstone, in the episode where he plays Superstone ("Beh-heh-heh-HEE-haw!"). I initially tried to follow him with chords on the guitar, and did ok until he suddenly modulated into unknown territory (my guitar doesn't do that note). The flutist kept poking me in the ribs ("see, I told you so"), but I somehow managed to keep my composure (kept thinking about baseball and dogs).

After it was all done, I went up to the physician and his wife (who are not in the least bit religious). And I don't know what came over me, but I just felt the need to say something. So I said:

"Mazal tov to you both. It's so nice to see two Jewish people getting married to each other. You must have done something right. You deserve a lot of nachas."

And they both smiled and nodded at me, knowingly.

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