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Sunday, October 24, 2004


Reading through my old posts, I'm surprised at how much Jewish jargon (Yinglish) has gotten into my posts. When I originally started writing this blog, I didn't know who would be reading, so I kept it as generic as possible. But it soon became evident that the most vocal of my readers were other Orthodox Jews, so I slowly started writing more about Jewish issues.

But it's obvious that there's alot of terminology in here which would be meaningless to a non-Orthodox or non-Jewish reader. So I decided to write up a list of definitions of words that I've used in my posts.

Initially this was going to be just another post that I would link to up in the right upper corner. But it got so long, that I decided to make it a web page and put it on the band site. You can still get to it here. And I'll stick it up in the corner too. I'll update it as I come up with more jargon.

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