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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Chain of Command

My wife (to kids): Nobody's getting a computer turn. This place is a mess!
(exit wife)
Boys to girl: Clean up the basement!
Girl to boys: No!
(time passes)
Boys to girl: Tell Abba we cleaned up the basement.
Girl to me: We cleaned up the basement
Me to girl: Tell the boys they need to do the kitchen and front room, too.
Girl to toddler: Tell the boys Abba says to clean up the kitchen and front room.
Toddler to me: Abba says to clean up the kitchen and...basement.
Me to toddler: I'm Abba.
Toddler to me: Yeah, you're Abba.
Me to Toddler: You need to tell the boys.
Toddler to girl: Abba says you clean the basement.
Girl (to no one in particular): Grrrrrr

Wife comes home.No computer for Abba.


dilbert said...

Need better command and control, possibly more human intellegence on the ground. were there any weapons of mass destruction in the basement?

btw, how did it get to be your fault?

PsychoToddler said...

"btw, how did it get to be your fault?"

I thought you were married.

dilbert said...

ahhh. I am. must be a difference in Hashkafa.

Yobadee said...

Oh my gosh. This is my life. My wife agrees!