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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

British Punk

I had a lovely discussion with "John" at the music store last night. He's a cool guitar-playing employee of the store who's sat 6 feet away from me every Tuesday evening for the past year as I've run through all the early 80's British Punk/New Wave basslines I could remember. Veddy British. I'm guessing he's about my age. For some reason, we've never exchanged more than the occasional 1 or 2 lines about equipment.

Last night we actually talked for a while. The accent is fun. Very upper class. Kinda like talking to John Cleese. I was surprised to find out how much we actually had in common. We talked about back pain and its relationship to musicians (especially guitar players), band dynamics, why it is that all the heavy lifting usually gets done by 1 or 2 band members, usually the ones with the vans.

I was surprised that he was actually in one of those British Punk type bands that I so admired. He usually makes no comment or sign of recognition when I run through Squeeze/Elvis Costello/Clash/Pretenders songs. Maybe that's a commentary on my skill as a bassist (or lack thereof). He told me he was friendly with the original drummer for Squeeze (my favorite band). Not the one on the albums. The one who left just before they hit it big. He got tired of shlepping them around in his van. I told him that I met Glenn Tilbrook last year (Squeeze's lead singer) and wouldn't stop shaking his hand until my wife pried us apart.

Of course, my daughter witnessed this whole exchange and it apparently has confirmed to her that I'm the biggest dweeb in the world. Hey, I'm getting too old to be cool!


Adam Ragil said...

um, when did Squeeze stop being cool?

PsychoToddler said...

Squeeze is not cool to her because, she is like, um 15. But actually it's me that's not cool, discussing back pain and driving keyboard players around in public with a total stranger.

dilbert said...

Apparantly the only cool squeezing nowadays involves spongebobsquare pants. good yontif

motomama said...

Wow! ArgyBargy was one of my fave albums years ago. I still wish I had it. So what band was this guy in?

Even if your daughter doesn't think it's cool, your blog buddies do!

PsychoToddler said...

I don't think it was a band that made it over here (otherwise, he probably wouldn't be selling strings at the music store). According to John, most of the stuff in England at the time was "absolute rubbish" and only the creme de la creme made it stateside.

Argybargy rules! I wish I could find it on CD.