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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Terror does pay

Beheadings and torture broadcast by Arab satellite media and posted on the internet.
A woman blows herself up in Moscow, killing 10.
Two busses explode in Beer Sheva, killing 16 and wounding over 100.
Muslim terrorists storm a school in Russia, taking over 200 children hostage and threatening to kill them.
All in one week.

How can this continue to occur in this day and age?
Two reasons that I can think of:

1. Irresponsible, evil Muslim Clerics who encourage their followers to commit murder and torture, promising them eternal joy in Heaven as a reward.
2. Because it works. They see results. Governments change foreign policy, troop deployment, and pressure democratic countries to cave into the demands of the terrorists.

How will this end? Only if the two reasons above can be reversed:

1. We need to see the emergence of a benevolent, responsible Muslim clergy that will get up, in public, in Arabic, and condemn every act of terror, without qualification, and tell their congregants that the reward for murder and terror is eternal damnation, not 70 virgins in paradise.

2. We absolutely must not ever allow those who instigate and perpetuate these atrocities to benefit from them. No pressure on Israel. No foreign policy change. No withdrawal of troops. Hit them back and hit them hard. Make them lose far more than they would ever gain.

1 comment:

Prodly said...

Amen brother. You said it. Both of those things need to happen or this arabic violence will just keep on escalating.