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Thursday, September 02, 2004

One Week

What a difference one week makes. Seven days ago, my 14 year old son went off to Yeshiva. Last night, he called. You would not believe the excitement this caused.

His two brothers, who couldn't wait to get rid of him, who practically packed his bags for him, fought each other to get on the phone with him.

"Let me talk next!"

The Psycho Toddler was yapping so much for me to give her the phone that I couldn't hear anything anyway, so I just gave it to her. Her conversation was like this:

"Hello? Hello? It's The Bubbie!! Hello?........Hello?.....It's meeeee!!!"
"Ok, Bubs, say goodbye already."

Mostly the other conversations were about what he was eating and if he had run out of underwear yet, but we also talked about his chevrusah and his learning, and he's doing ok.

You never really appreciate something until it's gone, I guess.


MoChassid said...

I'm impressed that your 14 year-old son says more than "whatever' and "uh-huh". That's about all I ever got from my two sons at that stage.

PsychoToddler said...

Oh, that's what his side of the conversation is usually like. But it's definitely improving, even in this short span of time. I think he actually is feeling the need to communicate with us now, whereas before, we were always around.

Eman said...

Our older son lived at home for high school and didn't come out of the cave man mode until he went to Israel. My second son is entering tenth grade and lives at home. He is firmly rooted in the cave man mode. three years to go.