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Friday, September 24, 2004


People who come up to me and ask for my Mechilah (forgiveness) prior to Yom Kippur usually fall into two categories:

1. Sincerely pious people who have done nothing to offend me but ask for my mechila anyway; and

2. People who are trying to act pious but actually have offended me, but either aren't really sorry about what they did or refuse to admit to themselves that what they did was wrong.

I don't see how I can grant mechilah legitimately in either case, but if it makes them feel better, it's granted. If you did something wrong...STOP DOING IT!! You know who you are!
In the same spirit (your choice, 1 or 2), I humbly ask mechilah from all of you whom I've insulted or offended, on or off-line.


MoChassid said...


I'm confused.

The first category is simple. I agree that it's silly for people who haven't offended you to ask for mechila, but, if they do ask, big deal. No harm in making them feel good.

But what about the second? Why do you conclude that those who have offended you and ask for mechila are not sincere? Why can't you forgive those who have offended you?

Finally, if this comment offended you, I ask for mechila. Sincerely.

Prodly said...

Psycho -

You rock. Your Blog for whatever reason grabbed me from the start. I love it.

I listen to your show from the note pretty often, and the more I hear it, the more I love it. I didnt fully appreciate it when I was there...possibaly because I was to geared up for Yossi...but when I hear it now, I love it. Come back down to Chi-town soon!

PsychoToddler said...

There are people who dress frum, speak frum, but act in a way that is clearly not frum. Rude, loud, obnoxious, chronically creating a chillul Hashem. Then they come up to me and ask mechila for "whatever they have done," not because they recognize their behavior is bad or offending, but because in their effort to be perceived as frum, this is expected. Others know that they are offensive, but clearly have no intention of changing, justifying it with, "well that's just the way I am, please be Mochel me." I don't consider that to be sincere.

These comments are not addressed to you!
Thanks for your remarks about the show! You guys have really been our best and favorite audience. I wish we had such a cool crew here in Milwaukee. It's nice to be appreciated when we just do what we enjoy doing anyway. Instead of having to play what we think people like. Make sure you check out the bootleg of the JCC show too.