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Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Great Escape

My 14 year old son has figured out that in the 45 minute break that he has during the day, he can bike away from the Yeshiva and make it to the public library. There, he can get on the internet for a few minutes, before he has to bike back to Yeshiva. Mostly he's been using the time to email his brother. Lately he figured out how to install Yahoo Messenger, so he's been IM'ing either me or my wife. The conversations usually go like this:

Him: r u there?
Me: no
Him: ...what??
Me: Just kidding. I'm seeing patients.
Him: I have to leave in 2 minutes.
Me: Do they know you left the yeshiva?
Him: I think so.
Me: I have to go see a patient now.
Him: aight cya

You could argue that it's not a very productive use of his time. But it's nice to hear from him during the day. And he's put more miles on his bike this past week that in his entire lifetime thusfar, so that can't be too bad.

1 comment:

Safranit said...

you better hope the rabbaim don't blog :)