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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Car CDs

The CD wallet in my car is overstuffed again, so it's time to thin it out.
Here's what's currently on my ride-to-work playlist, from front to back:

The Clash: The Singles
Moshe Skier Band live recording from JCC
Even Shsiyah: Through Your Gates, Jerusalem
Moshe Skier: Demos and Unreleased
The Pretenders: Learning to Crawl
The Best of Missing Persons
Garbage: Beautiful Garbage
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Greatest Hits
Avraham Rosenblum: Whatever this album is called (no words on disk)
Moshe Skier Band Acoustic Sampler
Led Zeppelin: 2 disks of my custom mix
Diaspora Yeshiva Band: Land of Our Fathers
The Ramones
Brian Gelfand: Stuff He Sent Me
Moshe Skier Band: Extended
The Diaspora Collection 2 disks
Bootleg of Shabbos Nachamu Kumzitz Cong Beth Jehudah
Piamenta: Mitzvah
Best of Bowie
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Bye
Moshe Skier Band at Sherman Fest 2002
Moshe Skier Rock of Sages (sensing a pattern here)
Kabbalah at Yeshiva University 1985
Best of Moshe Skier (hmm)
Yom Hadash
Kabbalah Demo and Practice
Piamenta Bootleg at The Note
Kabbalah Kollection
Squeeze: East Side Story
Even Shsiyah: The Way Jews Rock
Moshe Skier Band at The Note
Joe Jackson: Look Sharp!

Ok, so there's a lot of me. I play stuff that I like to listen to. And also I don't have jewel cases for all the burned disks, so I keep them in the wallet.

But something's gotta go!

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