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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Woo Hoo

Don't cry for me Blogentina...
I got a new guitar yesterday.
After searching multiple stores for just the right guitar...not too expensive...feels good...less filling...etc...
I bought a Yamaha acoustic electric at Guitar Center. With a trade in of an old amp, and what I got for the Ovation on Ebay, it came out a wash.
This thing feels great, nice action, and most importantly, sounds like an acoustic guitar when plugged in. I need this because I'm doing more solo acoustic jobs, and the ovation just sounded too tinny to me. And I didn't want to keep borrowing my daughter's guitar.
I do feel a little bad for buying it at Guitar Center, though.
I really wanted to support the little independent places like Brass Bell, Topshelf or Warpdrive. I hate these Walmart-style chain outfits that come to town and try to drive out the Ma and Pa places. (Speaking as a guy whose Ma and Pa Video Store got run out by Blockbuster).
But none of the little guys had:
a) a guitar in this price range at all (most were an extra $100-200)
b) a desire to take my used equipment in trade for a decent value, or
c) even a more expensive guitar that felt as good as this one.
And they were all off-brands too.
Yamaha is no Martin, but it's a respected brand.
This one that I bought was a little dusty, probably a discontinued model, so that helped with the price. But it felt right when I played it. If I had fallen in love with something at Brass Bell, I would have bought it, but it just didn't work out, and in the end, I saved a lot of money, which in turn saves me problems with the little lady, so that's a plus.

1 comment:

velvel said...

I have two Yamaha acoustic 12-strings (I bought one, and got the other as a gift). I really like them.

Buying a guitar at Guitar Center feels like buying a used car. It feels really scummy. I hate haggling. But cheap is cheap.