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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Shank Hall

I played a little impromptu set at Shank Hall this evening. The owner is a friend and invited me to come to his 40th birthday party. He said to bring instruments. I figured that, what with this being a rock club and all, that everyone there would be a musician and I wouldn't get any stage time, but I brought my new acoustic and my electric bass.
When I got there, however, the place wasn't too crowded, and it was mostly family and friends of the owner. One guy, Mark Bellini, was playing guitar. I went up to him and asked if he wanted me to play bass, and he said yes, so we played his set together. I've played enough pick up jobs to be able to just comp along, and he was doing pretty standard stuff anyway.
After his set, I did a few of my own tunes, including an aborted version of the Beatles "I'm so tired" which I stopped halfway through after screwing up the words. It was nice to have the professional guy come up to me after I played my Adon Olam and ask "Who wrote that last one? It's pretty good."
The really cool part was that I got to meet Brian Ritchie, bass player for the Violent Femmes, and he told me he liked my playing. I should have brought my acoustic bass instead. That would have been megacool.
All in all, a nice evening. I have to figure out how to get the band to play there.

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