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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

One down, five to go

My oldest son moved out of the house last week.
Although I didn't realize it until after he was gone.

He moved into Yeshiva. People living in New York or Chicago don't really understand what it's like to live someplace like Milwaukee. We have only one Orthodox (or Jewish, for that matter) High School, and it's a Chofetz Chaim dorming school. If your kid doesn't get in, or if you don't feel comfortable with the school, you have a choice of sending him to Public School or out of town. We were fortunate enough to have him accepted here. But he still has to dorm, and he's allowed out (?Furlough) once every 3 weeks.

I moved him in last week. As we walked through the dorm, I got flashbacks of my own first dormitory. I was 3 years older, and in college, but it's not that different. Things are abit more run down where he is, but it's still a beautiful school. I walked into his dorm room (about the size of a closet) and saw several Tom Clancy books on the bed, and a Risk game.

"I didn't know they'd let you read your Tom Clancy books here," I said.
"They didn't. Those are my roommate's books," he replied.

I was shocked. Somehow they had managed to find a roommate from Canada who had the same exact interests as my son.

"They must have had a pretty detailed questionnaire if they were able to match you up so well," I said.
"They did, but all I wrote on my request was 'someone from out of town.'"
Ruach Hakodesh?

It wasn't until I was getting ready to leave that it dawned upon me that he was actually gone, out of the house. The truth is, once you leave for your first dorm, you never really move back home. You go home to visit, for the summer or vacations, but you go on to college, then maybe a job and a place of your own. This, I realized, was the proverbial it, and I hadn't been prepared at all.

As I reached over to give him a hug and kiss goodbye, I felt my Mother's Curse kick in ("One day your children will be just like you") and he kinda squirmed away and said, " 'Bye."

And that was it.

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