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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jewish Rockers in TVLand

Velvel posts about Matisyahu's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Reading about this makes me think back to when Kesher was on the Joe Franklin Show. The show was becoming popular again thanks to Billy Crystal spoofing it on Saturday Night Live.

Lenny Solomon got invited onto the show to plug Kesher II. As the second string bass player, I didn't rate. Here's Lenny's recollection of the show:

The show was filmed at the end of Jan in 1986 and it aired I believe on Thursday night Jan 30. I remember going into Joe's office and it was so cluttered you could not see the desk. He obviously hoarded everything. Every possible souvenier that anyone had given him over the 40 years that he did the show. I remember him picking up Kesher 2 on Vinyl and showing it to the TV Audience like he did with all the products and I remember the music of Kesher 2 being played as we went to
commercial break. We were on after Morris Katz who would make pictures using toilet paper (it's true--PT). Anyway, we got around 3-5 minutes of TV time at the end of the show. This was my first television appearance and it was embarrasing. I dont really remember the questions that he asked but I kept sticking my tounge out in a nervous way and did not smile.

We wore out traditional Argyle sweaters that kesher wore for decades. It was funny now but back then UGH. I do remember getting a call from a friend of mine who happened to be flipping channels and saw us.

Lenny's being too modest. He also said "Basically" alot.

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