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Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Allure of Cheap

Today we drove 115 miles in each direction in the pursuit of cheapness. Yesterday we were talking with the kids about going to Great America for some rides today. I guess we haven't been there for a while, because when we checked out admission prices online, we got a severe case of sticker shock. $42 per adult? $36 for children? A quick trip to the old calculator applet showed us that we were looking at being in the hole for $250 for the family. And that's without my oldest daughter.
What amusement park is worth that much? I mean, for that, I expect a midget with a French accent to throw a lay around my neck. And even after you get in, you still have to deal with crowds and 45 minute waiting times for roller coasters. Which I can't even go on because I'm with the psycho toddler.
We searched desperately online for some type of old time amusement park, where you could just pay for the rides you go on. You know, a merry-go-round, maybe one of those little boat rides where you just go in circles for a few minutes. And the nearest place was Green Bay. Home of the Packers.
That's a long drive. But it was worth it. No admission. No parking fee. Tickets are 25 cents apiece, most rides are one or two tickets. No lines. And the toddler got to go on the little boaty ride and the plane that goes up and down and that race car ride. While my wife took the big 'uns on the vomit rides.
We spent about twenty bucks on tickets (and scalped the ones we didn't use) and a tank of gas. Hurray for Cheap!

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