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Monday, August 16, 2004


We took the kids down to Chi town yesterday and took the L to Navy Pier. Everyone wanted to go on the 15-story ferris wheel at the end of the Pier. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
We split up into two groups, girls and boys, and got into two cars. (I had the boys...duh). I was ok until we started going up. And I realized we'd be stuck way up in the air...for a while. The two older boys were ok. They were rocking the car, looking through the exposed doorway and saying things like, "if you fell out from here it'd take a minute for you to hit the water." The 10 year old and I just stared at each other the whole time as panic began to grip us and we were too afraid to look out.
When we finally got out, I looked at my wife as she emerged from the second basket, and she was as white as I was. I was really nervous about how the psycho toddler would do. I thought she'd be screaming as soon as the door closed. But she apparently just buried her head in a bag of potato chips the whole time and was fine.
Anyway, I'm not really afraid of heights. I'm just afraid of splattering all over the ground.

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