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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The War on Militance

Here's a link to a blog by Daniel Pipes that discusses one of my pet peeves about biased media reporting: the attempt to legitimize terrorist groups by renaming them as militants or guerrillas. 
Here's my definition:
A militant  is one who openly combats a military unit.
A guerrilla  is one who uses stealth to combat a military unit.
A terrorist  is one who deliberately targets civilians.
Is this so hard to figure out?


Adam Ragil said...

Journalists don't like using the same word twice in the same section, so they struggle for synonyms. It's a silly quirk, and not always an indication of their world view.

PsychoToddler said...

These words aren't synonyms; they're specific terms that refer to different types of beligerants, for lack of a better term. The major difference between terrorist and the other terms is that a terrorist denotes a criminal that preys on innocent civilians. There is no justification for terrorism. The other terms have a somewhat less negative connotation.
By refusing to call Muslim terrorists by their true designation, the press is conciously giving them some aspect of legitimacy. See Pipes' post.