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Sunday, July 25, 2004

I hate talk radio

I do a lot of driving, and I usually listen to CDs or radio in the car.  This past week, however, I haven't been listening to music, so rather than drive in silence I've been listening to talk radio.
I don't know HOW people do this.
This is what a typical session is like for me:
I get in the car and turn on the station.  It's at a commercial.
There are about another ten minutes of commercials.
After this, they do the weather.  More commercials.
Next comes traffic for 2 or 3 minutes.  Then a commercial.
Now some sports.  2 or 3 commercials follow.
Usually by this time I have reached my destination and gratefully turn off the station and get out of the car.  But on longer drives, the "host" eventually does come on.
And he seems to be telling me something that seems quite random and unimportant, like the fact that his carpet in the studio is old and smells bad.  I try to figure out why this is newsworthy, until I realize that he's really just shilling for his sponsor, a carpet cleaning solution.
More commercials.
Now comes the good part!
He's really fired up about some issue.  Once in a while it's something I care about, like the Middle East or the election, but today he's all riled up about some piece of art that's been sitting on the street downtown for 30 years, and how none of the snooty art types will admit that it's actually ugly and should be removed.  He rants for about 5 minutes, and then opens the phones for callers.
The first caller typically disagrees with him, and he cuts her off after about 2 sentences to tell her what an idiot she is.  We then get to listen to her repeatedly trying to butt back in ("But--now-- wait--I never-- hold on here--") while the host basically repeats his initial premise over and over again. 
Usually at this point I try to scan the other stations, but they're all on commercials or sports, so I come back to this one.
The rest of the callers all start their calls the same way: "Host, I agree with you 110%!" and usually receive a bit more respect.
Then it's time for weather, after these messages...
Can't wait to start listening to CDs again.

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