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Friday, July 30, 2004

Good Genes

My wife sent me out to run some errands today, and she also gave me a letter to mail. So I took along my eight year old so I wouldn't actually have to park and get out of the car to mail it.
On the way back home I remembered the letter, and searched for someplace to drop it. Finally I spotted a mailbox and pulled up to it.
"Aha, a mailbox," I said, triumphantly. My daughter just stared at me. Actually a little beyond me.
"Er..you know what that means, right?" I asked.
I handed her the letter.
"What should I do now," she asked.
"....Put it in the mailbox..."
"Oh." And she hopped out and mailed it.
I think things must have been less complicated when I was a kid.

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