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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Buffer Dump

I was finishing up a particularly long dictation this morning when I noticed that my microcassette recorder wasn't working.  Then I noticed that the tape seemed to be at the beginning, meaning it hadn't recorded any of what I had dictated on the last seven patients.  That really threw my morning.  I had to go back and redictate all the morning patients.
I couldn't believe how traumatizing this was to me.  I mean, I had seen everyone in the last 2 hours.  So of course I still remembered all the details.  Granted some of my dictations are intricate and involve a ton of history,  facts and findings, but it's not like I was trying to remember stuff from 2 months ago!  It shouldn't be that big a deal.
I think this sheds light on how I function in general.  I don't really like multitasking.  I don't like to have 7 things in the queue waiting to get done.  I like to do one thing at a time, get it over with, and move on to the next.  I can't start a dictation on one patient, then do another, then go back to the first.  I just hate having things out there. 
I think it must be because I have a very limited buffer.  You know, that part of volatile memory where things are just hanging out there until you either use them or write them to permanent memory?  And if the system crashes its gone forever?  I must have this problem.  I store what I see and do in the buffer.  Then I have to rush out and write it to permanent memory or dictation in my case.  Then I wipe the buffer so I can put more stuff in it.  And if the system crashes, and I lose my data, I panic. 
I need to get out there and find out how much it'll cost to upgrade myself.

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